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Please complete and send your NSWEC declaration form.

The NSW Electoral Commission reviews political parties each year, and we must maintain at least 750 registered declarations forms from members, whose details exactly match the NSW electoral roll.

In order to pass re-registration, the Public Education Party needs members to return their NSWEC declaration forms. We need 50 members to return their forms. 

If you are not currently a member, please consider joining.  Membership is free, and there is no onus or expectation from members other than letting us use your name towards registration.

If you are already a member, and you have not sent us a form in the past few weeks, then please fill in a new form, to help prevent us from being deregistered.

The NSWEC declaration form can be downloaded HERE. 

It needs to be printed off and signed in handwriting, as they do not accept digital signatures. 

Please scan and send completed forms to [email protected].  A clear photo taken by your phone would also be acceptable.  (Please ensure JPEGs are larger than 400kB.)

Membership Manager

Public Education Party

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