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Who we are

The Public Education Party is led by a management committee comprised of passionate educators, parents and community members who have dedicated a lifetime to public education in NSW. We provide a clear and rational voice on behalf of the broad public education communities across NSW.

We campaigned to contest seats in the Upper & Lower Houses in the 2023 NSW state election. Public Education Party intends to become a force for political advocacy for NSW public schools, and to promote public education as a first choice for high quality, secular and comprehensive education.


Cheryl McBride OAM

Cheryl McBride OAM


(M Ed, B Leg S, Gr Dip Rem Ed, Dip Teach)

As a former principal and chairperson of the Public Schools Principals Forum, and member of the NSW Ministers Advisory Group on Literacy and Numeracy (2012 – 2015), Cheryl McBride continues to advocate for improvement, excellence and equity for all students in NSW schools.

Cheryl was a long-term school principal based in South-West Sydney. She led many campaigns to improve the provision of resources to students and public schools. This includes specialist provision for students with disabilities, additional funding for schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas, improved support from community services for students with need for learning adjustments. Cheryl advocates for world-class curriculum, professional development of staff and to assisting all students to achieve their potential across NSW.

Lila Mularczyk

Lila Mularczyk OAM, J.P.

Deputy Convenor

Lila’s commitment to education was recognised by being honoured with the Order of Australia Medal (OAM), announced 2017. Lila has been contributing to public education for 39 years.

She currently is undertaking a portfolio of work including leading or participating on multiple National and State Education Boards and Reference Groups (e.g., PEF, ACE, UTS, UNSW) professional experience officer, coach and mentor, UNSW Gonski Institute, State and National Chair and Vice Chair ACE, supporting HALT’s, tertiary lecturer, special projects, work in and for schools, research, contract work, TF CPL etc.

In recent years her positions included CEO and the Director, Secondary Education, at the Department of Education.

Glen Stelzer

Glen Stelzer


Glen’s work as an educator has been primarily focused on supporting students and families in low socio-economic and multicultural communities to realise their life dreams.

He studied at Peakhurst West Public School, Peakhurst High School, Goulburn College of Advanced Education, University of New England and Charles Sturt University. He holds a Diploma of Teaching in Primary Education, a Bachelor of Education in Administrative Leadership and a Masters of Educational Administration.

As a student, parent, teacher, executive and principal who has enjoyed great success and satisfaction in the public education system for 57 years, Glen highly values the important role that public education plays to ensure that all students are properly supported to achieve their personal, intellectual and social potential in an equitable and free public education system.

Gemma Ackroyd

Gemma Ackroyd


Gemma is a former public school principal, with 37 years of service in the public education system. She had a varied teaching career as a K-6 classroom teacher and as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. Early in her career Gemma taught in the Adult Migrant Education Service, and later worked for the Department of Education as an ESL consultant in the south west of Sydney. As a Senior Education Officer in the Department of Education’s Gender Equity Unit, she developed policy, resources and conducted training and development throughout NSW. As a primary school principal, Gemma was an enthusiastic and energetic leader who promoted excellence in education based on the principles of equity and strong educational outcomes for all students.

Active in the NSW Teachers Federation throughout her career, Gemma held positions at school, local association, and state levels. She was a member of the Teachers Federation Executive for eight years, holding the position of Vice President for five years. Gemma represented the Teachers Federation on a range of external equity and professional learning committees.

Gemma was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal in 2001 for her contribution to education. Gemma is a passionate and proactive supporter of public education. She has been active in professional and industrial organisations throughout her career supporting students, staff and parents to realize their potential.