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Cheryl McBride

As a former principal and chairperson of the Public Schools Principals Forum, and member of the NSW Ministers Advisory Group on Literacy and Numeracy (2012 – 2015), Cheryl McBride continues to advocate for improvement, excellence and equity for all students in NSW schools.

Cheryl was a long-term school principal based in South-West Sydney. She led many campaigns to improve the provision of resources to students and public schools. This includes specialist provision for students with disabilities, additional funding for schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas, improved support from community services for students with need for learning adjustments. Cheryl advocates for world-class curriculum, professional development of staff and to assisting all students to achieve their potential across NSW.

Cheryl McBride, OAM, President of the Public Education Party, (M Ed, B Leg S, Gr Dip Rem Ed, Dip Teach).