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Annual General Meeting 2023

The AGM of Public Education Party will be held at

8pm on Wednesday 6 December 2023

via Zoom link

Meeting ID: 856 4266 5195    Passcode: 698367


Agenda (download)

Previous Minutes (download)

Financial Report for 2022/2023 (download)

Nomination form for committee membership (download)

Proxy Form (download)


It would be appreciated that if you are planning to join the AGM, please advise the Secretary by email at [email protected] no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting.   There is no need to respond if you will not be attending.


All current members on the party’s register, at 5pm on Monday 6 November 2023, are eligible to attend and to vote, or to supply a proxy on the form.  Proxies must be received by Friday 1 December 2023.


All positions of the management committee will become vacant, with retiring officers able to nominate for re-election. The officeholder positions are: Convenor, Deputy Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to four ordinary members.  In accordance with our constitution, nominations: (a) must be made in writing, signed by 2 members of the party and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate, and (b) must be delivered to the Secretary at least five days before the date of the AGM.  The Nomination form is on the download list above.


Notices of Motion are related to the desire of a member(s) to amend the Constitution. A Notice of Motion requires a Mover and Seconder who are members of the party. If any member wishes to move a Notice of Motion, please contact the Secretary [email protected] for advice about the procedure.


The Committee members sincerely thank members for your previous and ongoing support. We look forward to working with you to further advocate for our wonderful public education system.