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Election outcome - and thanks

It is nearly a week since the election and we now have time to recover and reflect on our campaign to elect a champion for Public Education into the NSW Legislative Council.

It is clear that we will not be successful in achieving our ambition.  However, we can stand proud that we established a political party structure that is sound, reliable and recognisable.  In 5 short months we managed to evolve from a newly registered party to a competitive entity. 

The current tally of approximately 27 000 votes demonstrates that we are behind the well funded and established machinery of the larger traditional parties and ahead of some that have been competing for  decades.  

This would not be possible without the effort and support of every one of you who communicated with friends and family, distributed flyers, erected corflutes, wore a t-shirt, handed out 'how to votes' outside schools, at prepolls and on election day, etc.

To our candidates, we are in awe of your courage and generosity in allowing yourselves to be named in the public arena as advocates for Public Education. As a first experience for many, and for the tried and true, the outcome was remarkable - 27 candidates.

Our gratitude will be demonstrated through our actions.  The executive team are now regrouping and will be evaluating our previous strategies to form a new plan and directions for the next election.  We will seek your input and ongoing assistance to form a stronger, wiser force.

Thank you again for your loyalty and belief.

Cheryl McBride 


Public Education Party

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